Infographic: 14 best practices for advanced mind maps

Advanced mind map infographic

So you’ve invested in mind mapping software and have created some basic visual diagrams with it. What’s next? You need to learn how to use its more advanced capabilities, because they’re the key to getting the majority of of the business value out of it.

This infographic (click on the image above to view the full version) summarizes 14 best practices for utilizing the deep capabilities of mind mapping software – from tasks and linked documents to callouts and boundaries, knowing how to use these elements correctly is critically important, especially if you plan to share your mind maps with others. This diagram shows you what each element should be used for to get the best results. My hope is that it will also inspire you to more deeply explore the features and capabilities of your mind mapping software.

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For more details on the elements of mind maps and how to use them effectively, please visit my Elements of Effective Mind Maps How-to Guide, a collection of blog posts that goes into much greater depth on each of these topics.

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