Business uses and benefits of mind mapping software

business uses and benefits of mind mapping software

This new How-To Guide collects some of the best articles from this blog on the business uses of mind mapping software, as well as the benefits it offers to busy executives like you.

From helping you plan a project and outlining complex documents to envisioning future scenarios and serving as a powerful information “dashboard,” software-produced mind maps can help you be more productive, creative and effective. My surveys show that readers of this blog are able to increase their productivity by an  average of 20-30%, and are able to tackle greater levels of complexity and ambiguity by using these powerful visual thinking tools.

Click on the links below to learn more and get inspired by the myriad of practical and powerful applications of mind mapping software – which I hope will inspire you to think about the ways in which you can use it to enhance your work:

Overall benefits of mind mapping software

45 ways to use mind mapping software for business

How mind mapping software helps you to work smarter

How mind mapping software enables you to “hack” your work

Effective information management

How to make smart decisions using mind maps

Now is the time to become an “information ninja”

Benefits to teams

Mind mapping: A better way to think and collaborate

The exceptional value of mind mapping software to teams

Envisioning new possibilities for your organization

How to rethink your business – visually

10 ways to use mind mapping software to think about your business differently

How to use mind mapping software for scenario planning

How to get a clear picture of the threats and opportunities that may impact your business

Using mind mapping software to consider the future and its many opportunities

What’s the “bigger frame” for your business?

A powerful, visual business development strategy: Explore adjacencies

Process optimization

How to mind map a simple linear process

Project management

Create a process flow map for complex projects

7 reasons mind maps are way better than checklists for busy executives

Meeting management

A visual framework for planning more successful meetings

Business writing benefits

A simple process for writing with mind mapping software

How to manage a complex writing project using mind mapping software

How to use mind mapping software for marketing message development

Customer-focused applications of mind maps

8 ways you can use mind maps with customers and clients

How mind mapping can help consultants to delight clients – and make more money

How to visualize your customer’s value chain and discover new opportunities

Improve your problem solving abilities by mapping stakeholder needs

Career development

How mind mapping software can enable you to be a “career renegade”

Want to become a thought leader? Here’s how mind mapping can help

How to brainstorm your way to thought leadership


Please contact me with any questions you may have about the business uses and benefits of mind mapping software.

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