Bizz Draw app simplifies sketching of over 100 business concepts

Bizz Draw for sketching

If you are new to sketching or sketchnoting, it’s often hard to know what symbols you should draw to represent certain business ideas or concepts. Thankfully, there is now an app for that. A whiteboard on steroids for visual collaboration and brainstorming

For small teams that need a virtual workspace in which they can brainstorm, plan and collaborate, is a powerful, flexible, web-based solution. More than just another “sticky note” environment within a web browser, offers a comprehensive toolset that encourages creativity and collaboration.

Boardthing: A perfect visual environment for collaborative brainstorming

Boardthing is a powerful, flexible new, web-based visual thinking and brainstorming tool that is perfectly designed to empower small teams to generate, organize and prioritize their ideas.

CardDesk: Visual organizer gives new perspectives on your Evernote data

CardDesk: A visual organizer for Evernote

An innovative developer in the LinkedIn Evernote group has announced a new beta web application called CardDesk that enables you to drag and drop your Evernote notes onto a canvas or workspace and display them in relation to each other.

BOOM! 4 tips for high-impact visual marketing

Incorporating visual communication techniques in your marketing and social media efforts can significantly increase their effectiveness. Here are four valuable tips for crafting high-impact visual marketing campaigns.

The fishbone diagram: An essential visual tool for problem solving

fishbone diagram - MindGenius

Fishbone diagrams, also known as cause and effect or Ishikawa diagrams, are useful for determining the root cause of a problem or challenge. Here’s how to create one.

Droptask brings a rich visual interface to task management

Droptask visual task management

Droptask is a new web-based visual task management application that aims to help individuals and small teams to manage tasks and projects more effectively. However, in its current early beta stage, it’s missing several essential features.

How to cultivate a signature visual style

the perfect tweet infographic

When you’re creating visual diagrams and infographics, it makes a lot of sense to cultivate a “signature” style that is recognizable anywhere. That’s exactly what Gerry Moran has done with his informative “blueprint” infographics.