The Content Brainstorming Canvas: A powerful new visual tool for generating attention-getting ideas

content brainstorming canvas diagram

One of the biggest challenges for bloggers and other content creators is writing material that gets attention. I have created a new visual thinking tool called the Content Brainstorming Canvas that can help you to brainstorm more unique, compelling content ideas that get noticed and compel action.

One way to craft content ideas that rise above the norm is to focus upon the needs and “pain points” of your customers. What do they need help with? What knowledge would help them solve problems they face? What’s keeping them up at night? Thinking deeply about what your target audience feels and thinks is a powerful way to come up with more substantive content ideas that will make a difference in their lives.

content brainstorming canvasAnother way to develop insightful content ideas is to utilize brainstorming techniques, which force your brain out of its well-worn and comfortable paths of thinking and can help you to generate unique content ideas that will command attention and compel action.

This new content ideation tool combines the best of both approaches. It utilizes a brainstorming technique called a “morphological matrix” to help you generate more unique and meaningful ideas for content of all types, while also connecting with your audience’s deepest needs.

My latest Mind Mapping Insider report describes a simple process you can use to first create a rich canvas of attributes and characteristics, and then use them to brainstorm new possibilities for reaching and influencing your customers and audiences. This report includes a template in PDF and SmartDraw formats that you can use to get started quickly with this tool, as well as instructions on how to use it. You can even tailor the SmartDraw file to meet your needs.

Give your content creation a boost today!

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