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emotions and motivators

One of the biggest marketing challenges today is getting the attention of your target customers, and then motivating them to take desirable action. One way to persuade them is to figure out what motivates them.

Your prospective customers are bombarded by so many messages they heavily filter incoming messages, and tend to be skeptical about buying anything from unfamiliar organizations. So how do you overcome this and gain the trust of your prospects? How do you make your messages stand out, so they gain the attention of the key people whom you want to influence? Part of that involves a bit of sales psychology: Figuring out what shapes their perceptions and what motivates them to take action.

This new resource for Mind Mapping Insiders is designed to help you get inside the heads of your sales prospects, so you can learn what motivates them and appeal to those motivations. Think of this mind map as a catalyst for your thinking about the development of your sales and marketing messages.

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