How to facilitate a brainstorming session with mind mapping software

Facilitationj of group brainstorming with mind mapping software

How can you effectively facilitate  brainstorming sessions in your organization? Here are some tips from the world of graphic facilitation, adapted to the specifics of mind mapping software.

This is an awesome opportunity to take make an important contribution to your organization’s success, by helping your team to think more broadly, clearly and creatively. It’s also an awesome responsibility; you must accurately record the ideas and insights the group generates, without attempting to color, shade or direct them in the ways you want.

How can you do the best job of facilitating and recording the group’s creative output? Effective practices for graphical facilitation are an excellent source of tips for the kind of characteristics you need to have to be effective in the roles of facilitator and recorder.

In this Mind Mapping Insiders report, we’ll take a closer look at the qualities of an effective graphic facilitator, someone who stands at the front of the room and records the group’s ideas using text and simple images – and then look at the similarities and differences between graphic facilitation and mind mapping a group’s creative output.

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