How mind mapping software kicks butt on information overload

mind mapping software - filter for information overload

We all need effective filters in order to handle information overload today. If you’re experiencing this condition, part of the reason may be what technologists have dubbed “filter failure.” In other words, our existing methods of managing information are no longer as effective as they once were.

We need a new filter – one that works better.

Distilling: As the illustration above shows, mind mapping software can serve as a very effective and flexible filter, helping us to distill incoming information and data into essential bits we need to take action upon and those that are supporting information. They don’t necessarily get “thrown away,” as this diagram implies, but can be archived within a single map branch or in a sub-map. They’re still just a few clicks away, but have been placed out of the way so we can concentrate on a much smaller stream of the most important information upon we must act.

Grouping: Mind mapping software also helps us to group related items together and classify them in ways that make sense to us, as depicted by the groupings of elements by color on the right side of the diagram. Mind mapping software also excels at depicting relationships, via their hierarchy of topics, relationship lines and boundaries.

Organizing: The freedom with which you can move items around and play “what if” with different arrangements of topics and subtopics helps us to make sense of the information, knowledge and data we’re working with. That, in turn, helps us to make better decisions and be more productive.

Sharing: Once we’re done filtering, organizing and analyzing the data in our mind map, we can then share it with others – either as a visual map, a Word document, PowerPoint, web page or in other formats. That’s powerful!

At the macro level, then, mind mapping software helps us to deconstruct incoming data, filter it, manipulate it, organize it, analyze it and share it with others.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to kick information overload’s butt!

Please let me know what you think of this visual model. Thanks!


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