How to create image quotes on the iPad using iDraw

creating image quotes with iDraw on the iPad

Thanks to the fast growth of services like Pinterest and Instagram, social media is quickly becoming much more visual. Image quotes are fast becoming a popular format for sharing nuggets of ideas, inspiring thoughts and even to communicate brief product and service messages. Here’s a new tutorial that shows how to create them.

This new tutorial for Mind Mapping Insider members explains how to create such captioned images on the iPad, using an app called iDraw. I provide a step-by-step process, liberally illustrated with screen shots and call-outs, that anyone can use to create professional-looking results. I share both the strengths and shortcomings of this app as a captioned image creation tool, and explain the work-arounds I devised to get around the latter. I even provide the source images, so you can learn by recreating the image quote that I used as the example for this tutorial!

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