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Become an expert mind mapper - Mind Mapping Insider membership

Introducing the Mind Mapping Insider membership program – designed to help you think and create at a higher level.

Mind mapping software is undeniably the most powerful executive thinking and tool available today. Learning how to use it well can pay big dividends, in terms of career success, promotions and recognition by your employers and clients – not to mention helping you stay several steps ahead of your peers!

I created the Mind Mapping Insider program to help you expand your thinking, planning and problem-solving skills, so you can bring your best efforts to your work and life. Insider members now have access to over 100 reports, videos, interviews, templates and other resources, with more being added every month.

Who should join the Mind Mapping Insiders?

If your job involves gathering, organizing, distilling and sharing information, you can benefit from Mind Mapping Insider membership. This program is especially tailored to these types of jobs:

Who should become a Mind Mapping Insider?

In short, if you’re job involves managing large amounts of knowledge and information or developing new ideas, solutions or strategies for your business, then you can benefit from Mind Mapping Insider membership!

become a mind mapping insider member

Focused on key business topics

Mind Mapping Insider reports and resources are focused on important business topics, including:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Creative problem solving
  • Project management
  • Marketing
  • Online entrepreneurship
  • Managing information effectively
  • Work strategies
  • Career development

You’ll also get access to reports and resources that teach you best practices in creating effective mind maps with software, and detailed comparisons and analyses of the capabilities of the major mind mapping software programs.

Click here to view a comprehensive list of reports and resources, arranged by topic.

Here are some of the valuable resources included in the Mind Mapping Insider membership:

  • Special reports and tutorials that explain advanced mind mapping techniques for business, how you can use them and how to employ them, in a simple step-by-step, “how-to” process.
  • Map templates that help you to get started using these powerful techniques faster.
  • Audio interviews with mind mapping experts and notable people who are using mind mapping software to make a difference.
  • Mind map analyses: In these reports, I “deconstruct” a mind map based on best practices. I’ll explain what I think works well, and what could be improved. These reports will help you to better understand the characteristics of world-class visual maps. If you want to see an example, please click here.
  • Video reports and reviews of mind mapping software.
  • Monthly coaching calls, in which I answer questions from readers of this blog.

Bonuses included in your membership:

  • My latest book, Up Your Impact: 52 Innovative Strategies to Add Value to Your Work
  • Free access to my Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software e-book (including the updated and expanded 3rd edition!).
  • Free access to my e-book, Creativity Hacks: Shortcuts to Help You to Crush Your Challenges & Live a Kick-Ass Life. I have gathered the most effective and enduring ideas, tips and strategies about creative problem solving and ideation that I have employed and learned about, and have assembled them into a convenient, time-saving collection. This also gives you access to a series of video reviews of my favorite brainstorming and problem-solving tools. Some very cool stuff!
  • My popular mind mapping software comparison sheet, which outlines the features and functionality of 22 mind mapping software programs – side by side! This comparison sheet is not publicly available – only to purchasers of my Power Tips e-book and to Mind Mapping Insider members!

In short, there is a wealth of resources here for the committed mind mapper; new reports and resources are added several times per month.

become a mind mapping insider member

Intermediate and advanced resources from someone you trust

As a reader of the Mind Mapping Software Blog, you know the quality of the product reviews, strategies and resources I share with you every week. I’ve published this blog for 7 years. During that time, I have become the most trusted voice in the field of mind mapping software and visual thinking. You don’t reach that point by trying to grab people’s money and run. You get there by providing high-quality, unbiased and valuable insights and resources on a consistent basis. You can expect that same level of quality and thought in the Insider resources I’ve created.

How will this membership program benefit you?

Benefits of Mind Mapping Insider membershipBy becoming a member of the Mind Mapping Insider program, you’ll get access to resources and insights that will help you to become a better planner, able to get clarity on key business issues and make decisions faster and easier. You’ll become a more flexible, multi-faceted thinker, who can see trends and opportunities that no one else sees. And that means your organization’s leadership will increasingly look to you as a “go-to” person for key projects and ventures.

In other words, Mind Mapping Insider will help you to contribute at a higher level in your work and life!

What mind mapping experts have to say about Insider membership

“The Mind Mapping Insider membership program is an intelligent, information-rich resource for anyone who believes they can do their job better if they could only see the whole picture!  Chuck Frey has done something important – he has created a destination point within cyberspace that makes the journey rewarding.  Visual-based information mapping is transformative for business,  government and education; Mind Mapping Insider gives velocity and direction to that transformation.”

– Jeffrey Ritter,  Founder,  The Ritter Academy

“If you are serious about mind mapping, you need to become an Insider at Chuck Frey’s Mind Mapping Software Blog. You’ll benefit from helpful ‘how to’ articles, reports, interviews and other resources that will help you take your mind mapping to the next level. By becoming an Insider, you’ll get access to in-depth tips, strategies and insights that you won’t find anywhere else, and exclusive answers to your deepest mind mapping questions via Chuck’s coaching program. This is a must have resource for business people who need to be more productive, creative and resourceful in their work.

– Roger C. Parker, Published & Profitable Blog

“Chuck Frey’s Mind Mapping Insider Program is a useful resource for improving your mind mapping skills.”

– Chance Brown, The Mind Map Blog

What’s your potential Return on Investment (ROI)?

What is one successful new idea worth to you? $1,000? $10,000? $100,000? $1 million or more? I encourage you to think of Insider membership as an investment in your future, not as an expense. Your return on investment will easily be many times what a monthly membership will cost you.

Membership costs less than $1.00 per day. That’s a bargain compared to the value of the information this program contains.

My no-risk guarantee to you

MMI no obligationI stand behind the reports and resources I create 100%. If you don’t feel like you’re getting your money’s worth out of this membership, you can cancel any time. There are no hidden fees, penalties or obligations – just a big opportunity to profit from some very valuable knowledge.

On the rare chance that you don’t find enough value in an Insider membership, there is no obligation – you may cancel your membership at any time. If you decide to sign up for a few weeks, learn everything you can and then cancel, that’s up to you. A handful of people do that, and I don’t try to stop them.

The majority of Insider members stay, because they realize the intermediate and advanced mind mapping knowledge I share has incredible value to them. It enables them to do more, accomplish more and differentiate their work in ways that help them grow and profit in their work.

I encourage you to give this membership a try, at least for a few months – so you can see what’s available to you, and how you can  benefit from it. Consider it an investment in your future success!

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