March 2011 mind mapping coaching call is now online

mind mapping coaching callThanks to everyone who sent me questions during the month of March. My replies have just been published in the latest mind mapping coaching call, which covers these topics:

  • The best mind mapping software for creating high density, visually attractive mind maps
  • An overview of Mindjet Catalyst, and what it can be used for
  • How to track goals in a mind map
  • Using PersonalBrain for project management
  • PersonalBrain consultants
  • MindManager for Windows vs. Mac
  • When will NovaMind’s new presentation tool be available?

Mind Mapping Insider members can access this audio file using the link below:

If you cannot see the link, you need to become a member of this group. Click here to learn how. ()

Please be sure to send me your questions for the March coaching call. You can use the contact form on this blog to submit them or send them to me via Twitter.



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