Mindjet reaffirms support for individual users with new price option

Mindjet individual license pricing announced

Mindjet has announced new individual license price for its mind mapping software, in response to critics who felt its unified pricing favored corporate use of its full team collaboration suite.

Last month, when Mindjet announced a unified subscription model for all of its mind mapping, task management, web collaboration and mobile mapping tools, many long-time individual users of its MindManager software were not pleased. They felt left out by this announcement, which seemed to orphan them in favor of team collaboration. Mindjet has responded by announcing a new individual price point for its mind mapping software.

Today on Mindjet’s Conspire blog, the company announced individual licenses of Mindjet 11 – without the collaboration and task management tools – will be available for a subscription fee of US$15 per month, half the price of the team version and the same price as Mindjet Web.

In a phone conversation this week with chief marketing officer Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, he emphasized that individual users are an important part of Mindjet’s history as a developer of mind mapping software, and a very important use case of its software.

“We recognize that there are still many users out there who work individually with our software; some of them have been users of MindManager for many years. We thank them for their loyalty. But  they don’t necessarily have an interest in utilizing the full suite of integrated products we have developed,” he explained. “We want to still enable them to do that going forward. They are very important customers to us here at Mindjet.”

It will be interesting to hear how the company’s individual user customers have to say about this new development. I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments area below.


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