Developer of MindMeister acquires iPhone app MindMaker

The developers of MindMeister recently hinted to me that by mid-February they planned to release a version of MindMeister for the iPhone and iPod Touch. They made good on that promise by announcing yesterday the acquisition of MindMaker, an iPhone-based mind mapping application. From a development standpoint, this acquisition gives MindMeister a huge headstart in theĀ  hot market for iPhone applications.

MindMeister co-founder Michael Hallouf told me earlier today that his development team is working on converting MindMaker to a look and feel that is similar to MindMeiser’s web application. The iPhone version will support the display of all map parts, such as icons and notes. More features will be added in upcoming releases.

MindMeister Mobile will be integrated with its web-based sibling, enabling maps to be shared in both directions between MindMeister and the iPhone. Syncing between the iPhone and the online service will most likely be made available as a premium feature, for paying MindMeister users only.

This is an exciting development, which coincides with my decision to break down and purchase an iPod Touch some time this week! I can’t wait to play around with MindMeister Mobile. If it’s anything like the web mapping application, it should quickly become the “gold standard” for mind mapping on the wildly iPhone platform.

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