NovaMind unveils subscription pricing – plus 3 new products

NovaMind mind mapping software subscription modelThe NovaMind family of mind mapping software is about to expand significantly. Developer NovaMind Software has announced it will soon release mobile apps for iOS and Android, plus a new browser-based NovaMind client. To keep it all affordable, it will also roll out a new subscription pricing model, which covers its existing applications for Windows Desktop, MacOS X and Windows 8, plus the three new ones. All six products will be included in this new pricing model, making it easy to use NovaMind on multiple computing platforms.

NovaMind’s new monthly subscription will be aggressively priced at $6.99. Compared to subscription prices for other cloud-based applications, this is an excellent value. Apparently, NovaMind Software has taken a page from Evernote’s playbook: Make the subscription price a no-brainer and get users hooked on using your elegantly-designed products. If you opt for a yearly subscription from NovaMind, the price is $74.99 – nine dollars less than if you paid for it on a month-by-month basis.

To sweeten the pot, NovaMind Software is running launch specials, which will extend users’ subscriptions for varying numbers of months, based upon the product they own. The biggest incentives are for those people who are using or upgrading to the latest versions of NovaMind 5 on Windows, Windows 8 and Mac. NovaMind says new customers can save 44-66%, while existing customers can save 50-82% on their subscription costs.

If you don’t own any version of NovaMind, purchasing NovaMind 5 Platinum for $149 now will get you a 48-month extension on your subscription.

Why move to a subscription model?

NovaMind Software’s Gideon King explains that as a software program matures, its developer must support not only customers who have purchased or upgraded to the newest version but users who are still using old versions and don’t see the value in upgrading. This is a growing challenge for many software developers.

A subscription program always gives customers access to the latest software versions, making it easier for the developer to support them. It also creates a steady revenue stream that makes it easier to fund additional software development. That’s why the company is launching major incentives to get users to upgrade to the latest version of NovaMind. Once the subscription program is launched, future updates will be available to all subscribers automatically.

NovaMind for iPad

NovaMind Software currently has an iPad app in early-stage beta testing with Apple. According to the developer, its design goal was to create an app that is superior to any other mind mapping app available today for mobile devices. Recent videos on the NovaMind blog reveal an app that is very full featured and looks to be very easy to use. Notable features highlighted in the blog include:

  • Advanced text formatting
  • When you open a mind map that contains fonts not on your iPad, the NovaMind app will automatically download them for you. It maintains a collection of fonts commonly used on other operating systems and downloads them on the fly as part of the map import process – very clever!
  • Sophisticated text effects
  • Rainbow and color array settings for topic colors
  • Solid, simple and advanced gradient colors for topics
  • Glassy effects, textures and shadows for topics
  • Topic color opacity

At least half of these features were previously only available on desktop mind mapping software.

NovaMind Cloud

The cloud-based version of NovaMind will also offer a sophisticated set of tools for creating and enhancing your mind maps. It adopts the “rotating wheel” menu that debuted on the Windows 8 version of NovaMind. This innovative menu can be repositioned and collapsed to make more room in your work area.

NovaMind Cloud also includes a file storage system, which will enable you to upload and store your mind maps privately, as well as create folders and subfolders in which to store them. You can also designate your mind maps as public. NovaMind Cloud will also enable you to search for public mind maps others have created and load them in the application, so you can use them as templates or starting points for your own maps. NovaMind promises that even non-users of NovaMind will be able to view and share maps from its online gallery.

NovaMind Cloud will also support social sharing of mind maps. A screen shot of the web-based interface shows social sharing icons for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and e-mail.

When will subscription pricing be launched?

NovaMind subscription ratesNovaMind Software says it will roll out these new products and pricing in September, but to take advantage of the launch specials, you will need to buy or upgrade licenses now. This is a big, multi-faceted undertaking. Add in Apple’s tendency to approve apps at its own pace and it’s easy to see why the developer isn’t able to give a firm launch date just yet.

If you’re looking for a tool that can help it took easily create good-looking, colorful mind maps, I highly recommend NovaMind. It is the software program I use most often to create mind maps to accompany my blog posts. It enables me to make them look polished and professional – quickly – without a lot of fussing around with program settings.

NovaMind Software has always been one of the most consistent innovators in the world of mind mapping software. It’s good to see them getting so aggressive about supporting a multi-device environment, online file sharing, mobile apps and other cutting-edge developments. I can’t wait to see what the next couple of months bring from one of Australia’s most valuable exports!

To learn more and determine how many months your subscription could be extended, visit the subscription page on the NovaMind website.

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