November 2011 mind mapping coaching call is now online

mind mapping coaching callsThanks to everyone who sent me questions during the month of November. I have answered your questions in my latest mind mapping coaching call, which digs down into some really valuable topics, including:

  • How to enable 30 people to co-edit a mind map
  • Which mind mapping programs have an outline view?
  • Concept mapping vs. mind mapping?
  • A mind map template for conducting research
  • Southbeach Modeler – a promising concept mapping tool
  • Visualizing portfolio data

Mind Mapping Insider members can access this audio file and the valuable resources mentioned within it using the link below:

If you cannot see the link, you need to become a member of the Mind Mapping Insider membership group. It’s inexpensive – about the price of a few large cups of premium coffee per month! Click here to learn how.

Please be sure to send me your questions for the December coaching call.

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