This storytelling mind map template will help you communicate with greater impact

business storytelling mind map

How can you increase the odds that your prospective customers and target audiences see and remember your message, when it can so easily get lost in a sea of “noise?” The answer is storytelling – the art of telling engaging stories about you or your business that convey your values, build trust and strong customer relationships and give people the confidence to take a desired action.

As humans, our brains are wired to LOVE stories. It’s why we read books, watch movies and immediately get engaged when someone tells us a story. Today, forms of entertainment as diverse as music, dance and even art have elements of story embedded in them. The most successful and persuasive speeches follow a proven story arc. Nearly every fictional story you see on television follows this type of story structure. It simply works!

This new Mind Mapping Insider report describes a 5-step storytelling process that you can use to diagram your stories or those your organization needs to tell as part of its content marketing and corporate communication efforts. I also provide you with a convenient mind map template that contains 30 questions to help you describe your stories following this proven process.

The business storytelling mind map template is available in 8 formats:

  • MindManager
  • MindView
  • MindGenius
  • NovaMind
  • iMindMap
  • XMind
  • MindMaple
  • PDF

The link to download this report is accessible to members of the Mind Mapping Insiders group.

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