MindMeister reveals the tantalizing future of cloud-based mind mapping


At the recent Biggerplate mind mapping conference in Berlin, web-based mind mapping innovator MindMeister provided attendees with a tantalizing glimpse at the future of its popular application.

NovaMind unveils subscription pricing – plus 3 new products

NovaMind mind mapping software subscription model

The NovaMind family of mind mapping products is about to expand significantly. Developer NovaMind Software has announced it will soon release mobile apps for iOS and Android, plus a new browser-based NovaMind client. To keep it all affordable, it will also roll out a new subscription pricing model

CardDesk: Visual organizer gives new perspectives on your Evernote data

CardDesk: A visual organizer for Evernote

An innovative developer in the LinkedIn Evernote group has announced a new beta web application called CardDesk that enables you to drag and drop your Evernote notes onto a canvas or workspace and display them in relation to each other.

How to integrate Evernote with 7 mind mapping applications

evernote integrations with mind maps

Since its launch in 2008, Evernote has evolved into a powerful tool for taking notes and capturing all types of digital content. Developers of mind mapping and visual thinking applications have embraced Evernote, integrating with it in a number of unique ways – some valuable and others simply frustrating.

How to use Evernote to capture your visual thinking

Use Evernote to capture your visual thinkingUse Evernote to capture your visual thinkingUse Evernote to capture your visual thinkingUse Evernote to capture your visual thinkingUse Evernote to capture your visual thinkingUse Evernote to capture your visual thinkingUse Evernote to capture your visual thinking

Evernote is a powerful place to capture all of your visual thinking, thanks to a growing number of desktop and mobile apps that integrate with it.

New Evernote plug-in is a productive addition to ConceptDraw MINDMAP

If you are a user of ConceptDraw MINDMAP and the personal information manager Evernote, then CS Odessa’s new Evernote plug-in, called Note Exchange, is a must-have application.

New ConceptDraw MINDMAP/Evernote applet falls short

Evernote Note Exchange for ConceptDraw MINDMAP

I was recently excited to learn that CS Odessa has released an app in its Solution Park called Note Exchange that enables users of ConceptDraw MINDMAP program to send part or all of their mind maps to Evernote – my favorite writing platform and personal information capture tool. Unfortunately, it fell short of my expectations.

Review: DropMind mind mapping tools offer promising capabilities – but also significant shortcomings


The newest kid on the mind mapping software block is Seavus, which now has a pair of desktop and web-based mapping tools called DropMind, currently in public beta. While these tools offer some promising features, there’s also much that’s missing or poorly implemented. Read this detailed review to learn more.

Curio for Mac OS X now integrates with powerful Evernote info capture tool


Zengobi and Evernote today announced a new integration that makes brainstorming and idea collection quick and easy. Text notes, voice recordings, and snapshot photos taken using one of Evernote’s desktop or mobile solutions are now instantly available from within Curio 5.4 where they can be intuitively collected, arranged and managed as part of a creative project.