Visual project management comes of age: An interview with Paul Williams

visual project management

In recent years, visual project management has emerged as a set of tools and techniques that help project managers to make sense of and manage large, complex projects more effectively. Paul R. Williams, PMP has written a new book entitled Visual Project Management that can help us better understand what they are and when and where to employ them when managing projects. I recently interviewed him to learn more about these tools, techniques and visual frameworks, and why they work so well.

How can you tell if your mind map is “done?”

How do you know when your mind map is done?

How can you tell if your mind map is “done?” How do you know it’s complete, well-organized and ready to share with the world?

Boardthing: A perfect visual environment for collaborative brainstorming

Boardthing is a powerful, flexible new, web-based visual thinking and brainstorming tool that is perfectly designed to empower small teams to generate, organize and prioritize their ideas.

Slidedocs: An innovative format for sharing your mind maps

Slidedoc - mind map

An innovative new presentation format called a slidedoc is an excellent tool for sharing mind maps in a more meaningful way. A hybrid of an e-book and a presentation, it breaks ideas into bite-sized chunks and uses a heavy emphasis on visual content, supplemented by text and typography, to tell a concise, compelling story.

CardDesk: Visual organizer gives new perspectives on your Evernote data

CardDesk: A visual organizer for Evernote

An innovative developer in the LinkedIn Evernote group has announced a new beta web application called CardDesk that enables you to drag and drop your Evernote notes onto a canvas or workspace and display them in relation to each other.

BOOM! 4 tips for high-impact visual marketing

Incorporating visual communication techniques in your marketing and social media efforts can significantly increase their effectiveness. Here are four valuable tips for crafting high-impact visual marketing campaigns.

Mind mapping software: An amplifier for the “mind’s eye”

mind mapping software and the mind's eye

Visionaries have a highly-trained “mind’s eye” – the ability to imagine ideas and concepts as rich visual mental images. I believe mind mapping software acts an “amplifier” for the mind’s eye by making your ideas tangible so you can further develop and share them.

The Visual Marketing Revolution: A must-read guidebook for visual communication and persuasion

The Visual Marketing Revolution by Stephanie Diamond

In her new book, The Visual Marketing Revolution: 26 Rules to Help Social Media Marketers Connect the Dots, author Stephanie Diamond provides an essential guidebook to the myriad of ways in which visual thinking can enhance your marketing and social media efforts

How to cultivate a signature visual style

the perfect tweet infographic

When you’re creating visual diagrams and infographics, it makes a lot of sense to cultivate a “signature” style that is recognizable anywhere. That’s exactly what Gerry Moran has done with his informative “blueprint” infographics.