Transform your knowledge into a cognitive superpower

Building a Second Brain is a simple but powerful system you can use to capture, organize and share your knowledge using digital notes – in an external “brain.”

It can help you enhance and amplify your thinking so you can reach your goals, imagine new possibilities and profit from your knowledge. Taught by Tiago Forte, the BASB online course has made a huge impact on thousands of lives during the last decade.

Enrollment for the next course offering opens on April 19, 2021. Now is the time for you to get up to speed on what this methodology is and why it matters.

Here are the best hand-picked resources that will help you understand what this methodology is and why it’s so significant today.

My latest writings

Why a Second Brain is an Ideal Tool for Transforming Ideas into Action

The ability to manage and shape your ideas and reliably turn them into concrete results is critical to your success today. Digital note-taking tools are one of the best ways to accomplish this creative alchemy.

Shortening the Ideas-to-Action Cycle

How can you save your best ideas, organize your learnings and convert them into creative output — faster?

16 Ways to Nurture a Digital Note into a Valuable Idea

Digital notes can be a rich canvas where you can explore, grow and capitalize upon your ideas. Here’s how.

Why Capturing Your Ideas in an “External Brain” Matters Now

Now that we’ve all lived through a year of unprecedented and discontinuous change, a system of thinking like Building a Second Brain is more important than ever. Here’s why.

What’s the Lever That Can Help You Move YOUR World?

Digital note-taking is a lever that can multiply your effectiveness in surprising ways. An ancient Greek genius helps us understand how.

How Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Can Benefit from Building a Second Brain

Do you lose track of your ideas or get overwhelmed trying to integrate information you’ve gathered into your creative projects? It’s a common problem for entrepreneurs and freelancers, who often work in unstructured home and remote office environments. Here’s how BASB can help!

Additional BASB resources

Building a Second Brain: An Overview

This is a concise summary of Tiago Forte’s online course on capturing, organizing, and sharing your knowledge using digital notes.

Building a Second Brain Podcast

In 11 episodes, each only 5-10 minutes long, Tiago Forte and his business partner David Perell explore the principles and practices of Building a Second Brain in a Q&A format. It’s very easy to consume any time, anywhere!

How Building a Second Brain blew up my thinking

My BASB story. How digital note-taking has impacted my life, what I thought I knew about using Evernote (but I was wrong)  and the true significance of this thinking methodology.

Overview Video: Building a Second Brain

In this YouTube video, Tiago explains the thinking behind his personal knowledge methodology and how it works. It’s an excellent overview that’s worth your attention if you’re intrigued by what BASB could potentially do for you.

building a second brain

Creativity & Building a Second Brain

In this Zoom workshop, Tiago and I explore how BASB leverages and extends the creative powers of your mind, how it can help you to increase the quantity and quality of your creative output.

How to Use Evernote for Your Creative Workflow

Tiago’s hugely insightful take on this subject. One of those articles that impressed me with the depth of thinking that went into it!

The P.A.R.A. Method for Organizing Your Digital Information

P.A.R.A. stands for Projects,  Areas , Resources and Archives, the four top-level categories that encompass every type of information you might encounter in your work and life. In this article, Tiago explains this foundational principle of BASB.

Course Overview

The main page of the Building a Second Brain course gives you a clear overview of how it’s structured, who it’s for and what you’ll learn.


Please contact me with any questions you may have about BASB, I look forward to hearing from you!

Chuck Frey
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