Mind Mapping Product Showcase

Welcome to this first edition of the Mind Mapping Software Product Showcase, a new e-publication of The Mind Mapping Software Blog. Its purpose is to alert you to the newest and most notable visual mapping products and services, in a convenient e-mail digest. I hope you find it to be valuable! Watch for other variations focused on diagramming software and other visual thinking resources in the months ahead.

Best Regards,

Chuck Frey

Table of contents (click to view product descriptions)

MindGenius mind mapping software       TheBrain mind mapping software       MindMaple mind mapping software  
XMind 2012 mind mapping software       BiggerPlate mind map library       Mind Mapping Insider membership program  

  MindGenius mind mapping software  

MindGenius for Business Mind Mapping

MindGenius has been designed specifically to utilise the technique of Mind Mapping for Business purposes. From its inception, the unique input method, data navigation, data visualisation and data analysis functionality formed the core of an application that supports and improves business activities. Read more on the MindGenius story, and why we differ from other mind mapping tools by clicking the link below.

  TheBrain mind mapping software  

TheBrain: Stunning Information Visualization

See your thinking like never before with TheBrain’s dynamic, NO LIMITS, mind mapping software. Over half of all Fortune 1000 companies use TheBrain to find and connect everything. Say goodbye to static mind maps! Say hello to an unlimited number of connections and stunning information visualization.

  • Visualize and navigate information effortlessly with TheBrain’s animated display
  • Synchronize your Brain across multiple computers and to the cloud
  • Integrate EVERYTHING: files, web pages and import existing mind maps
  MindMaple mind mapping software  

MindMaple: Excellent Features. Solid Value. You Win.

If you're thinking about investing in mind mapping software but are concerned that the learning curve will be too high, MindMaple should ease your fears. Chuck Frey, author of The Mind Mapping Software Blog, says this program provides intuitive features that help new users to get up to speed quickly, yet offers power and flexibility that will appeal to experienced mind mappers as well.

  XMind 2012 mind mapping software  

XMind 2012: Professional & Powerful Mind Mapping Software

XMind, one of the best low-cost mind mapping software programs available today, just got better with the release of a new 2012 version. It includes a redesigned Gantt chart, revisions/rollback functionality, an interactive spell checker, free map sharing (even in the basic version) and a new lifetime license model for using the program. Click on the links below to learn what's new in XMind 2012.

  BiggerPlate mind map library  

Business Mind Map Library

Over 1,000 mind map examples and templates for business, available to view and download for free! From Project Management to Career Development, the Biggerplate business library provides time saving map map templates, and inspiring examples of mapping in action, submitted by some of our 40,000 members! You can also upload your own business mind maps to the library for others to see!

  Mind Mapping Insider membership program  

Be More Productive, Creative and Insightful: Become a Master Mind Mapper

Do you want to be a more productive, creative and better organized person who is adept at gathering, distilling, interpreting and sharing information without being overloaded by it? The Mind Mapping Insider membership program can teach you how to leverage your mind mapping software to achieve these goals – and more. Resources include special reports, tutorials, mind map templates, map analyses, interviews, video reports and more. Click on the link below to learn how to become a master mind mapper!