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As of  November 2014:

Unique visits: 13,462
Page views: 20,783
RSS Feeds: over 1,600
Number of articles/pages: Over 1,000
Longevity: Began publishing in January, 2006

The Mind Mapping Software Blog was the first blog to focus exclusively on this exciting technology, and is often one of the first blogs that developers contact when they have new products to announce. In addition, I go to great lengths to ensure that this blog offers unique, valuable content that you can’t read anywhere else. I conduct periodic user surveys to learn as much as possible about how they’re using it, the challenges and benefits they experience in doing so, and what their information needs are.

This helps me to deliver a superior quality information product to my readers, and highly qualified readers to my advertisers.

During the last several years, I have expanded the scope of this blog to cover all forms of visual thinking and visual content, including diagramming, sketching, sketchnoting, graphic facilitation and visual tools that help business people be more productive.

In addition to blog posts, this site offers some very attractive content collections, including links to mind mapping software reviews and an extensive and popular collection of mind mapping research and reports. These pages are among the most heavily visited on the site.

An e-newsletter called The Mind Mapping Software Update is e-mailed to over 7,000 subscribers 1-2 times per month.  This e-newsletter drives additional traffic to the blog, as many as 1,000 additional visits per day.

In short, this blog is the “go to” resource for a growing universe of mind mapping software users and those who want to learn more about these amazing productivity tools.


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Promotional packages are available

Based upon your needs, I can put together a package that will deliver the maximum impact for your product or service. Whether you’re promoting a new or existing product or want to give an upcoming event a big boost in visibility, I can help you!


Please contact Chuck Frey with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Chuck Frey