How to integrate Evernote with 7 mind mapping applications

How to integrate Evernote with mind mapping softwareSince its launch in 2008, Evernote has evolved into a powerful tool for taking notes and capturing all types of digital content. Its growth rate has been amazing; as of February of this year, it has over 50 million users, with 100,000 a day signing up for it. Developers of mind mapping and visual thinking applications have embraced Evernote, integrating with it in a number of unique ways – some valuable and others simply frustrating.

In this report, I will provide you with an overview of the desktop- and web-based mind mapping and visual thinking applications that integrate with Evernote. I will describe how they work together and the pros and cons of each developer’s approach. Some implementations, I discovered, are very elegantly designed, while others were problematic or left me wanting more.

As a writer, I have a strong personal interest in this topic. I have been using Evernote for several years as my primary tool for capturing content ideas. I also do a significant amount of writing within it, mainly because Evernote does a fantastic job of giving me instant access to all of my notes no matter where I go or what computing platform I’m using. I also find it useful for gathering research for reports I’m working on. Evernote’s web clipper enables me to quickly and easily capture all or part of any web page, tag it and store it in a folder of my choice.

So naturally, for larger reports and projects, I’m keenly interested in developing new ways to incorporate the great content and ideas I’ve gathered in Evernote into my mind maps. In this report, I’ll share with you my ideal vision for how mind map-Evernote integration should work, and what I discovered that delighted and frustrated me as I explored the capabilities of seven mind mapping and visual thinking applications.

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