Contribute to a collaborative mind map on software strengths, weaknesses

strengths-weaknesses-300pxAndrew Wilcox, a UK-based MindManager trainer and mind mapping expert, has created an ambitious collaborative mind map that attempts to document the strengths and weaknesses of every mind mapping program – and you’re invited to contribute to it (click on the image at right for a larger version).

The web-based mind mapping application MindMeister makes it possible to not only create a sophisticated mind map using only your web browser, but to also invite others to co-edit it. In effect, it becomes a visual wiki!

This map already contains an extensive amount of detail. If you’re interested in adding content to it or editing any of its existing content, you can access it here.

Kudos to Andrew for getting this started, and to everyone who has contributed to it so far. Got something to add? Please participate in this unique “crowdsourcing” effort!



  1. says

    Hi Chuck

    Thank you for publishing the link. I am sure your reach within the mind mapping software community will double the number of edits 917 so far!

    It would be great to get some comments for applications with none or very few topics like Mindomo and Xmind plus all those that are not even mentioned at the moment.

    My role now is to try and keep it tidy!

  2. John Dee says

    Nice initiative Andrew!

    However your post illustrates the main issue with mind maps: the more information you add the more time you spend on mind mapping rather than focussing on the information. Only 917 edits so far … ouch … you almost seem proud of that fact. I really am not trying to be destructive it is simply one has to know when a map is the right interface and when there are better options. Your final comment “My role now is to try and keep it tidy!” really tells the story. Any way good luck … the results will be facinating I am sure.


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