Product Reviews

New ConceptDraw MINDMAP/Evernote applet falls short
I was recently excited to learn that CS Odessa has released an app in its Solution Park called Note Exchange that enables users of ConceptDraw MINDMAP program to send part or all of their mind maps to Evernote – my favorite writing platform and personal information capture tool. Unfortunately, it fell short of my expectations.

New XMind 2012 focuses on meeting the needs of business users
XMind, one of the best low-cost mind mapping software programs available today, just got better with the release of XMind 2012. This new version includes a redesigned Gantt chart, the ability to maintain a set of revisions of your mind maps so you can roll it back to previous versions, and much more.

SpiderScribe offers simple drag-and-drop web interface for mind mapping
SpiderScribe, which debuted last year as a beta web mind mapping application, has been officially released. For someone who has never done mind mapping before, its simple, well-designed drag-and-drop interface is very welcoming.

NovaMind debuts advancements for its Windows and Mac programs
The innovators at NovaMind never seem to rest. Within the last two weeks, they have announced NovaMind for Windows 8, which will enable it to work on tablets and other touch-enabled devices, as well as a beta version of NovaMind 5.4 for Mac, which features the awesome Presenter functionality carried over from the Windows version.

New Mindomo for iPad is a mixed bag of pros and cons
The developer of popular web-based mind mapping tool Mindomo has released new apps for the iPad and Android platforms. I recently evaluated with the iPad version. While it has an excellent feature set, it suffers from several significant usability problems.

New MindGenius iPad app offers excellent usability
MindGenius Ltd., a developer of desktop mind mapping software, recently launched a new iPad app that is a good fit with the needs of mobile business users.

Pearltrees for iPhone is a joy to use
Pearltrees, a web-based mind mapping and social content curation application, continues to spread to new platforms – starting with the iPad earlier this year and now the iPhone. This is a well-designed, fun to use app. Read my review to learn why.

iMindMap 6.0: The most significant update ever to this mind mapping program
ThinkBuzan has been promising that they were going to get more aggressive with development of iMindMap. And with the release earlier this week of iMindMap 6 for Windows and Mac, they have delivered on that promise. iMindMap 6 contains a wealth of new and improved features that make it a serious contender for business uses.

Inspiration Maps for iPad makes impressive debut
Inspiration Software has released an iPad app called Inspiration Maps. It looks to be perfectly suited for education, but may be a little too light weight for most business applications.

TheBrain Technologies launches TheBrain 7 mind mapping tool
TheBrain Technologies, developer of the popular Personal Brain mind mapping and personal information management tool, recently released version 7 of the program, which has now been rechristened as TheBrain 7.

Biggest MindMeister upgrade ever closes the gap with desktop mind mapping programs
MindMeister, the innovator in the web-based mind mapping space, continues to advance with the recent release of a major update, which includes a completely redesigned user interface, social sharing of maps created online, new MS Office export capabilities and much more.

NovaMind 5.7 beta for Windows introduces innovative capabilities
NovaMind Software recently released a beta version of NovaMind 5.7 for Windows that has some intriguing new capabilities. Two of them have clear productivity benefits; the third I’m still scratching my head to figure out how it could possibly be used in a business setting.

New features of iMindMap 5.4 enhance its usability
The release of iMindMap 5.4 is the latest in an aggressive series of updates to ThinkBuzan’s mind mapping program. Here’s what’s new and notable.

New MindMapper 12 offers significantly expanded capabilities
MindMapper 12 was recently launched by SimTech Systems. It strengthens this program’s position as a solid mind mapping program for business.

MindMaple mind mapping software combines innovative functionality with ease of use
MindMaple is an impressive new mind mapping software program for Windows that aims to meet the needs of business people. This is a solid product that delivers excellent value, and packs an incredible amount of functionality into a polished, easy-to-use package that will meet most people’s needs.

MindManager 2012 debuts powerful brainstorming, collaboration and information management tool
As part of Mindjet’s intensified focus on collaboration and team communication, MindManager 2012 picks up some new features that help to support this direction, as well as some others designed to enhance the experience for new users of MindManager.

New NovaMind 5 for Mac raises the bar for mind mapping software on the Apple OS
NovaMind Software released NovaMind 5 for Mac, which has been rebuilt from the ground up with many innovative new features that no one else on this platform offers.

Twitter integration comes to the world of mind mapping software via MindTweet
Twitter intergration has finally come to the world of mind mapping software, thanks to CS Odessa’s new MindTweet plug-in for ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7. This new tool enables you to brainstorm, organize and send Twitter messages from within the program.

Mastering MindManager for Projects: An excellent training program for project management
Mastering MindManager for Projects is an online course that does an excellent job of teaching you how to create a customized visual dashboard to manage your projects more effectively. Learn more in my detailed review of this worthwhile program.

MindGenius 4 dazzles with innovative brainstorming and presentation modes
MindGenius 4 offers brainstorming and presentation views that break new ground in terms of functionality and efficiency. Here’s what’s most notable about these new features.

Inspiration Software launches Webspiration Pro
This is a well-designed tool that is on par with the best web-based mind mapping tools, and is worthy of your attention.

DropMind makes impressive debut on the iPad
The new DropMind for iPad app does a lot of things right, catapulting it to one of the top spots in my list of best mind mapping apps for this popular tablet.

iMindMap 5 evolves into a solid business mind mapping tool
ThinkBuzan’s newest iteration of iMindMap, version 5, contains some new and improved features that make it much more of a business tool than previous version.

OmniGraffle diagramming app for iPad offers excellent usability, unmatched functionality
When it comes to creating business diagrams on the iPad, OmniGraffle is hard to beat. It offers an extensive array of features, all wrapped up in an easy to use package. You can learn more in my review of this remarkable product.

MindMeister for the iPad is ideal for mind mapping on the go
MindMeister for the iPad is a capable, well-designed mind mapping app that features seamless integration with the developer’s’ popular web-based mind mapping application. Its simple, non-nonsense design and ease of use make it a great option for mind mapping on the go.

SimpleDiagrams software is a great way to get started with visual thinking
SimpleDiagrams is a simple, no-nonsense software program that enables anyone to quickly describe their thoughts or capture a business process – visually – even if they have never used this type of a program before.

MyMind: An impressive new mind mapping app for iPhone
MyMind is a new mind mapping app for the iPhone that incorporates some cool features which make it intuitive and easy to use.

MindView 4′s approach to mind map collaboration is a winner
Matchware’s new version 4.0 of MindView raises the bar for collaboration with mind maps, with an impressive new online map sharing workspace that provides the tools that project managers need to get real work done.

iThoughtsHD sets the gold standard for mind mapping on the iPad
iThoughtsHD has set the gold standard for mind mapping on the iPad, with an incredible set of features that no other developer even comes one close to. In this review, we’ll take a look at its most notable business-oriented features.

PersonalBrain 6 is a significant upgrade to this unique mind mapping tool
PersonalBrain 6, recently released by TheBrain Technologies, is perhaps the most significant upgrade ever to this unique mind mapping and knowledge management tool. Read on to learn why.

MindManager 9: The most improved version of this software – ever
MindManager 9 offers a bevy of new and improved features designed to help ordinary people get work done faster and to help them to communicate their ideas more effectively.

Power Markers 2 adds valuable functionality to dashboard mind maps
Power Markers 2, a new MindManager plug-in from Olympic Ltd., helps you to create more powerful and useful dashboard mind maps and adds value to complex maps.

NovaMind 5 offers unprecedented freedom to create high-impact mind maps
The NovaMind development team has always been focused on being innovators, and NovaMind 5 is no exception. This innovative new version makes it easier to create high-impact visual maps than any other program on the market – period.

Amode 2’s unique approach to information management is a perfect fit for today’s business needs
As a tool for powerful, flexible management of information and projects, Amode 2 has no peer. It’s not quite a mind mapping tool or an outliner or a project management application – but yet it combines the best capabilities of each of these applications to create a truly unique and valuable business productivity tool. Read on to learn more about this “Swiss Army Knife” of information and project management.

Spinscape 2.0 breaks new ground with powerful, practical features
BossDev, the developer of Spinscape, recently released version 2.0 with a wealth of new and improved features in a polished, fast and intuitive user interface. It also includes some exciting new capabilities that push the envelope of what’s possible with mind mapping applications. Here’s a review of its most exciting new features.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP 6 offers some attractive new features, but also a few shortcomings
ConceptDraw MINDMAP 6 is a fully-featured mind mapping program that historically has been one of the best for power users. But a review of this new version uncovered a few rough spots in an otherwise well-designed program.

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Mindjet takes visual mapping and collaboration to the next level with slick Catalyst platform
Mindjet has just launched a new collaboration platform that integrates its leading mind mapping application with secure online workspaces and web conferencing to enable enhanced collaboration and innovation. Focused upon the needs of business teams, the aptly-named Mindjet Catalyst aims to help knowledge workers to save time, improve business processes and drive innovation.

XMind 2008 offers an awesome, no-cost alternative to FreeMind
With the release of XMIND 2008, its developers have created a very impressive mind mapping program that will please newbies to visual mapping as well as experienced mappers with its ease of use and amazing flexibility. Best of all, it’s free!

ThinkDigits 2.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch offers an impressive blend of mind mapping and calculator features
Ignited Software recently released version 2.0 of ThinkDigits, a unique combination of calculator and mind mapping application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

New open-source mind mapping program Freeplane off to a promising start
Freeplane is a new open-source mind mapping software program that is an offshoot of the popular Freemind program. Here’s what’s new and different about this ambitious undertaking.

MindMeister’s iPhone mind mapping app debuts with unique features, promising future
After many months of development, MindMeister has finally unveiled its mind mapping application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. My verdict: The wait was worth it.


New web-based mind map app SpicyNodes offers some intriguing functionality
Spicynodes is a new web-based mind mapping tool developed by the Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement (IDEA) that aims to help organizations to create a more “humane,” usable interface for navigating large amounts of information. It offers some intriguing functionality that’s worth a deeper look.

New iFreeMind mind mapping app for iPhone is not quite ready for prime time
FreeMind is a new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch platform that generates FreeMind-compatible mind maps. Unfortunately, this program has some significant shortcomings that you ought to know about.

iBlueSky v2.0 continues to lead the field for mind mapping on the iPhone and iPod Touch
Tenero Software Ltd. recently launched version 2.0 of its popular iBlueSky application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is now available on the Apple App Store as a free upgrade for existing users. In this review, we’ll look at some of its newest and best features.


Headspace offers an intriguing, sometimes frustrating 3D visual outliner for the iPhone and iPod Touch
Headspace is a visual outliner for the iPhone and iPod Touch that offers some cool 3D effects and the ability to link disparate topics to one another. In this review, we’ll take a look at the most notable features of this visually stunning application, as well as make you aware of several minor shortcomings.

DropMind mind mapping tools offer promising capabilities – but also significant shortcomings
The newest kid on the mind mapping software block is Seavus, which now has a pair of desktop and web-based mapping tools called DropMind, currently in public beta. While these tools offer some promising features, there’s also much that’s missing or poorly implemented. Read this detailed review to learn more.


New TPAssistCapture utility adds valuable functionality to MindManager
TPAssist Limited recently announced the launch of a new MindManager add-in called TPAssistCapture, which enables you to quickly capture ideas, tasks, notes and next actions and send them to the mind maps that you use to manage them. I recently evaluated this program, and was pleasantly surprised with its power and flexibility.

Olympic Utilities adds 10 new functions to MindManager
Olympic Ltd., a Mindjet reseller, has launched a new MindManager add-in that offers a suite of 10 utilities to extend the functionality of this popular mind mapping program. When installed with MindManager version 7 or 8, Olympic Utilities is added to its ribbon toolbar, for fast, easy access to all 10 tools. Here’s a summary of what’s included Olympic Utilities, and a look at what’s next from this developer.

Review: iThoughts sets the bar high for mind mapping on the iPhone and iPod Touch
Developed by CMS, iThoughts provides a well-designed, easy-to-use set of tools that enabled me to create mind maps that incorporate icons, notes, links and colors, quickly and easily. It offers an impressive amount of functionality in a very small package.


Inspiration Software releases impressive web mapping beta
Inspiration Software , the developer of the well-respected and widely used mind mapping program Inspiration, has just released the beta of a web-based version of its flagship product. Dubbed Webspiration, it does an admirable job of translating the well-designed Inspiration user interface to the web, while adding collaboration capabilities.

Visual Mind 9 opens new ground for collaboration with mind maps
Visual Mind 9 launches a new client-server version of its well-designed mind mapping software program, as well as a number of other valuable enhancements.

XMIND 2008 Pro offers a great set of features, impressive ease of use
If you’re looking for a mind mapping program that offers an excellent balance of functionality, ease of use and a great price, then look no further than XMIND 2008 Pro.