Slidedocs: An innovative format for sharing your mind maps

Slidedoc - mind map

An innovative new presentation format called a slidedoc is an excellent tool for sharing mind maps in a more meaningful way. A hybrid of an e-book and a presentation, a slidedoc breaks ideas into bite-sized chunks and uses a heavy emphasis on visual content, supplemented by text and typography, to tell a concise, compelling story.

For creators of mind maps, the slidedoc provides a valuable medium for not only sharing your mind maps, but also the thinking behind them in an organized and attractive way.

Developed by visual thinking and presentation expert Nancy Duarte, slidedocs fill an important niche in business communication. Traditional linear documents often contain so much dense detail that they are hard for recipients to wade through. It’s hard to for readers to quickly get a high-level view of their contents.

Presentations can be effective communication tools when a presenter is displaying his or her slides on a screen while talking about their contents. But just try placing one on a website or sending it as an e-mail attachment to another person, and you’ll come face-to-face with a big limitation:

Traditional presentations usually aren’t very meaningful when viewed on a stand-alone basis.

Mind maps by themselves share this limitation.

From the standpoint of a mind map, the slidedoc format enables you to wrap explanatory text around your visual creation, which can help the people with whom you’re sharing it to better understand your meaning and the thinking behind it. I’m convinced it can be a powerful way to share your mind maps.

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