Visual thinking and diagramming: Uses and benefits

visual thinking and diagramming how-to guide

As the problems businesses face become more complex and ambiguous, visual thinking is growing in importance as a set of tools to help analyze, understand and solve them. Visual thinking includes numerous techniques for capturing and sharing information and ideas in non-linear form, including diagramming, sketching, infographics and graphic facilitation – and yes, even mind mapping.

This new collection of resources will help you better understand the fast-growing field of visual thinking and how it can be employed in a business setting to bring clarity, make better decisions and envision new opportunities.

Overall benefits

The key benefit of communicating visually with others

Strategies for sharing visual information with others

Why communicate visually?

The case for using visual thinking with work teams

3 benefits of visual thinking in meetings

How much of a visual thinker are you? Take this quiz to find out

How to rethink your business – visually

6 valuable types of visual maps for business

The top 10 visual thinkers on Twitter

Diagrams and infographics

Create a process flow map for complex projects

Visual thinking at work: How I used SmartDraw to communicate the essence of a complex product

12 useful business diagrams you can create with SmartDraw’s flow chart tool set

5 ways studying infographics can make you a better mind mapper

7 reasons why diagramming software doesn’t do mind maps well

Graphic facilitation

20 powerful business uses of graphic recording and facilitation

Effective graphic facilitation offers an important lesson for mind mappers

Books and training on visual thinking

8 recommended books on visual thinking

Top 10 books on visual thinking (as recommended by readers)

The Sketchnote Handbook: A brilliant new guide to visual note taking

New book from David Sibbett is a treasure trove of visual thinking advice

Become a Rockstar Scribe: Awesome e-course teaches essential graphic recording skills

Writing for Visual Thinking explores the potential of 21st century communication

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