15 common mind map elements

15 common mind map elements - in mindmap form

If you’re new to the world of mind mapping software, you may not realize all of the types of content you can include in a software-produced visual map. So I created a mind map to summarize what’s possible.

Please click on the image above to load a much larger version of this map, with branches expanded to explain what each type of mind map content is, and how you can use it.

I hope you find this to be useful to you! If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments area.

(Mind map created using NovaMind 5 for Windows)

Learn more about ConceptDraw MINDMAP 8


  1. Jim D says

    This is great Chuck. A next step is to discuss how to use various elements.

    For example, I try to use certain icons to indicate specific things. So, I can filter my map on those symbols and just show the topics with the symbol. For example, I use a certain symbol to indicate "F/U" on my To Do This Week map. If I filter on that symbol, I see all the topics that I need to follow up on.

    • Cristine Goldberg says

      No offense, Jim D. Somehow the "F/U" item brings a different connotation to my mind. Thanks for a great laugh this morning!

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