10 Ways to Use Mind Maps to Grow Your Blog – webinar replay

blog management with mind mapping software

  • Increase your productivity by 20% or more
  • Get more done in less time
  • Get clear on your blog’s growth strategy
  • Anticipate competitive moves
  • Grow your thought leadership

Think, plan and manage projects more efficiently

increase productivity 20% or moreWouldn’t it be great if you had a powerful, flexible tool that would help you to think, plan and DO with much greater efficiency? Mind mapping software is one such tool. In my reader surveys, users of this type of software have told me it increases their productivity by 20-30% – the equivalent of gaining another day per week to grow your blog and your business!

In this replay of my recent webinar, I will reveal 10 ways in which mind mapping software can help you to:

  • Tackle information overload,
  • Plan your work, manage projects and get tasks done more efficiently, and
  • Understand the needs of your readers like never before.

Differentiate your thinking like these A-list bloggers

A-list bloggers who use mind mapping softwareA-list bloggers like Chris Brogan, Darren Rowse (CopyBlogger), Chris Garrett and David Risley (Blog Marketing Academy) make it no secret that mind mapping software is their preferred power tool for thinking and planning. Why? Because it helps them see information and ideas from new perspectives that tend to be invisible in linear documents and outlines.

Better thinking leads to better results – these guys know the value that visual thinking brings to the table, and they’re big believers in it!

Based on what they have written about mind mapping software, you would think the only way that bloggers can use it is for brainstorming post and info product ideas. But it can actually be used for far more – it’s actually a powerful tool that can help you manage your business and operations more effectively:

You won’t find a more powerful and flexible thinking, planning and DOING tool than mind mapping software!

Everything you need to jump-start your productivity

In this webinar, I’ll start by talking about the mind mapping software itself. If you don’t own any, I will recommend two free programs that are excellent and easy to use. I’ll point you to tutorials that will have you up and running with them in less than 10 minutes – so using these visual thinking techniques won’t interrupt your blogging operations!

I will then cover 10 ways in which you can use these simple visual thinking tools to revolutionize the way you approach your blogging business. During this 1-hour session, I will explain how you can use mind mapping software to:

10 mind maps for blog management

Templates to help you get started

This webinar replay includes 11 mind map templates – so you can kick-start your productivity and creativity immediately! These mind maps will save you hours of time and will help you apply what you’ve learned. Frankly, they’re so valuable that I could sell them separately for more than the cost of this webinar!

An incredible productivity booster

Using your new mind mapping software and my templates, you will be better organized, more creative and able to see profitable new opportunities to grow your blog like never before. Not only that, you’ll be able to manage your blog and its projects with much greater efficiency than you ever thought possible.

Why should you listen to me?

I am Chuck Frey, the founder and author of The Mind Mapping Software Blog. I am widely viewed as the world’s leading authority on this type of productivity software. I eat my own dog food, too – I have used it to manage and grow my blog, transforming it into the go-to resource in the niches of mind mapping and visual thinking.

I also founded and managed InnovationTools.com for 10 years – the world’s largest website focused on innovation, creativity and brainstorming – until it was merged with another innovation website last year. So I know a thing or two about thinking “out of the box.”

In addition, I run my web business part-time, while holding down a full-time job and caring for my family. So I have a wealth of experience juggling competing priorities. Mind mapping software helps me stay organized and get things done very efficiently!

How will you profit from this webinar?

In this information-packed 70-minute session, I will share the essential information you need to at least double your productivity as a blogger. In other words, your “return on information” will be far in excess of your $47 investment in it.

Remember, I will be arming you not only with incredibly valuable information you can put to use immediately, but also 10 templates you can use to apply what you’ve learned. Imagine how much time you’d need to invest to recreate these mind maps on your own. You don’t have time for that – you’ve got a growing blog business to run!

At the end of this webinar, you will be armed with everything you need to hit the ground running.

What webinar participants had to say

Participants in this webinar had very positive comments about what they learned:

“This is excellent. You covered everything I hoped you would – and more. In a world of useless webinars, this was definitely worth the time and money.” – Susan

“Thank you – you opened some windows for me.” – Tami

“Excellent information as usual.”A. Mak

“This is a really great webinar, bonus points for the templates.” – Arwen

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes
Investment: US$47
Resources: MP4 video file (playable online or download) plus 11 mind map templates in 3 formats

P.S. I have included an 11th mind map in this presentation – my way of saying thank you for investing in this learning resource!


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