New Wisdomap seeks to deliver simplicity, clarity

Wisdomap Wisdomap is a new web-based mind mapping tool developed by two programmers in the UK that aims to return mind maps to the fundamental simplicity that makes them such powerful tools. According to Michael Dent, one of the co-founders of Wisdomap, most mind mapping programs contain so many features that they tend to produce cluttered, disorganized visual maps that don’t communicate as effectively as they should.

“What we found (when we looked at other mind mapping programs) was a consistent problem with clutter, overambitious software and Web 2.0 hype. In our opinion it was the fundamental simplicity of mind maps that made them such powerful tools – something you could visualize and that would really trigger your memory in an exam, meeting or whatever. Colossal maps… may work as a cumbersome way of finding your way around a topic but certainly don’t trigger your visual memory,” he explains.

As a result, Dent and his partner have designed a simple web-based mind mapping tool that produces colorful, clean maps that emphasize clarity. In an unusual move, resources such as images, videos and links to files and web pages aren’t linked to individual map topics, but are displayed in a well-organized vertical pane on the right side of the workspace. According to Dent, this is exactly the sort of thing that increases clutter and decreases usability and visual effectiveness. Wisdomap’s solution keeps these assets close at hand, but doesn’t clutter the map itself with them.

Their future development plans include adding the ability to move and re-order topics, support for keyboard shortcuts, the ability to export and import maps, and to support more advanced map layout options. Their hope is to improve on Wisdomap’s functionality, but without compromising on their commitment to its fundamental visual simplicity. Of course, because this is a beta application, they welcome your input.

You can sign up for a free account on the Wisdomap website that enables you to create up to 3 maps. If you want to create more, a paid account costs £12/year (approximately US$23).



  1. says

    A software with well-designed user interface will gain simplicity no mater how many functions it offers, one of the tricks is, show only the commonly used elements in the GUI in the first place, additional features are accessible with a certain operation. We’ll planning to allow users to switch between ‘basic mode’ and ‘advanced mode’ 😉

    Edwin Yip

    MindVisualizer — Visual Mapping Software Leverages Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping Approaches.

  2. Sue the teacher says

    I really like the look and feel of this program, but without at least icons on the branches that link to the media, it’s not much use to me or my students. I have written them about this, but they were more interested in discussing what I thought might be a fair rate for school subscriptions.

    Many students need more connection between a list of concepts and key ideas or vocabulary and the notes or links that explain them. In a way that’s the point of the concept map in the first place — to make the links quick to find, clear, and memorable. Otherwise all you have is a colourful map and ‘file cabinet’ of related material that go somewhere, but no one is saying exactly where!!! Not much ‘wisdom’ is dispensed by that sort of ‘map’.

  3. Peter Dolan says

    I signed up for a Wisdomap account when they first launched and, like the user above, was initially impressed by the look and feel of the software. However, I shared the frustration that resources could not be attached to individual parts of the map. I have since revisited the site and very much like what I see. They have made some amendments so that you can now attach videos, pictures and other resources to individual “nodes” and the toolbar has been revamped with some new features. I am considering trying out their teacher edition as I think Wisdomap is the most visually appealing and intutive (along with mindmeister) mind-mapping software and am keen to see what it is like in a classroom setting


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