16 ways mind mapping software can elevate your performance

elevate your thinking and your performance with mind mapping software

Mind mapping software is a powerful tool for savvy executives who want to improve their impact and effectiveness in their work. No software tool is better suited to help you think deeply about your work and to increase the value of your contributions to others in your organization.

Here are 16 powerful ways mind mapping software can help you to elevate  your performance and make a bigger impact in your work (click on the image above for an expanded mind map showing all 16 benefits):


  • Manage information overload and stay better organized
  • Reach clarity faster on complex business issues
  • Make better informed decisions
  • Plan projects and manage tasks easier

Analysis/critical thinking

  • Analyze problems more thoroughly
  • See patterns and holes in information more readily
  • Play with ideas, possibilities and scenarios easily


  • Great tool for exploration and discovery
  • Be more of a “whole-brained” thinker – left and right sides – analytical AND creative
  • Capture ideas lurking at the periphery of your thinking
  • Mind mapping provides a visual guide to the connections between ideas
  • It bypasses the “inner critic” – you can easily do a brain dump and organize your thoughts later


  • Reach shared understandings of business issues in meetings
  • Get people more engaged in brainstorming sessions
  • It enhances the group’s ability to do systems-level thinking
  • It captures a “group memory” or history of what has been discussed in the meeting

If you’re not exploring this powerful type of business tool yet – you should be! I call mind mapping software the “savvy executive’s secret weapon” because it can have a profound impact on the way in which you think, create, plan and execute on your key work tasks. It’s a powerful tool for deconstructing challenges, helping you to identify root causes, brainstorming potential solutions and taking action. The bottom line is that mind mapping software meets the needs of today’s busy executives!

This mind map was created using NovaMind 5

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