Mind mapping software is an essential tool for today’s workers, survey shows

mind mapping softwareThe nature of work has evolved during the last five years — becoming more complex, fast-paced and creative — and mind mapping software is uniquely positioned to help knowledge workers handle these changes. That’s the unmistakable message from the 2011 Mind Mapping Software Trends Survey.

During July 2011, 695 people took part in the latest survey from this blog, which was designed to determine:

  • The benefits that this type of software provides to business users of it,
  • The nature of work and how it is changing,
  • How well it meets the needs of knowledge workers today, and
  • To what extend people are adopting mind mapping tools on mobile and tablet-sized platforms.

Surprising results

As with past surveys from this blog, this year’s Trends survey yielded some surprising results:

  • Nearly half of respondents said that mind mapping software has had a “significant effect” on the way in which they work
  • Respondents cited an average productivity increase of 30% from using it.
  •  Over 59% of respondents indicated they would not be able to create the same quality of work if they didn’t have this type of software.

That’s just a sampling of what’s contained in this important report, which gives an unprecedented glance into the ways in which mind mapping software is providing value to today’s worker.

Click here to download the survey results (PDF, 542KB)

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