Paper for iPad wows with intuitive new diagramming toolkit

Paper with Think Kit

Paper with Think Kit may not be the world’s first diagramming app for the iPad. But it’s easily the most intuitive. It does away with all of the complex concepts and capabilities and delivers a simple, intuitive toolset that anyone can use to quickly produce a diagram for their next meeting or PowerPoint presentation, using an ingenious set of gestures and pen/finger interactions.

BigPicture: An innovative blend of mind mapping, data mapping and diagramming – within Excel


Data mapping, diagramming and mind mapping, all in a single application – that’s the promise of BigPicture, an innovative new add-in for Microsoft Excel recently introduced by Palisade, a developer of visual decision support software. Its elegant toolset is ideal for any executive who already uses Excel in his or her work, but aren’t sure they can justify the investment in a dedicated diagramming or mind mapping program.

Get smart about mind mapping AND help earthquake survivors in Nepal

Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software

Purchase my new Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software book and I will donate $10 from each purchase to help the earthquake survivors in Nepal.

Dramatically improve your content with this “writing GPS” process

Writing GPS mind map - Ann Handley

Want to be a better writer? Follow a process for structuring your raw materials – what Ann Handley calls a “writing GPS.” This 12-step writing process helps her quickly produce coherent and compelling content – consistently.

Now available: The updated 4th edition of Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software


A significantly updated 4th edition of my popular book, Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software, is now available. This definitive guide to visual mapping contains a wealth of new tips, techniques and insights that will help you to produce high-impact mind maps that get results!

How to integrate data into your mind maps

data integration in mind maps

From database connections to Excel spreadsheet cell ranges and Outlook e-mail messages, today‚Äôs mind mapping software can accommodate data from a myriad of sources and display it in a rich, visual format. Here’s what’s possible, and which programs enable you to make these connections.

The Essential Guide to Mind Mapping Software – Download my new report

Essential Guide to Mind Mapping Software

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you accelerate your productivity, creativity and effectiveness – to be indispensable – then it’s time to take a closer look at mind mapping software. My new report can help you better understand how it can help you achieve these goals and select the right program for your needs.

Randomize mind map topics to reveal creative combinations

randomize mind map topics - creativity

What do Scrabble, sticky note and index card brainstorming and mind mapping software have in common? All four benefit from randomizing elements, which can help us to see new patterns, opportunities and ideas. A whiteboard on steroids for visual collaboration and brainstorming

For small teams that need a virtual workspace in which they can brainstorm, plan and collaborate, is a powerful, flexible, web-based solution. More than just another “sticky note” environment within a web browser, offers a comprehensive toolset that encourages creativity and collaboration.

The unfortunate death of static PDF export in MindManager 15

Static PDF export in MindManager 15

Recently, I was trying to export a mind map of a plan for my new employer to a static PDF in MindManager 15. Sounds simple, right? Not any more!