A little-known but powerful visual approach to solving your biggest challenges

force field analysis - creative problem solving

A “force field analysis” is a little-known but powerful creative problem-solving technique that can help you to deconstruct your current challenge into its strengths and weaknesses in – and to focus on those that will help you ensure a successful outcome.

Most challenges are composed of a set of conditions or circumstances. Each one has a dynamic, a positive or negative momentum that can carry us toward a best or worst case scenario, respectively. Force field analysis gives us a visual way to better understand our challenges and visualize these forces at work, so we can brainstorm ways to minimize our weaknesses, build upon our strengths – or add new positive skills or conditions to better counterbalance our weaknesses.

In this new Mind Mapping Insider report, we will look at a technique for performing a force field analysis – also known as “tug of war” – which is described in Michael Michalko’s excellent creativity book, Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative Thinking Techniques. Insider members get a free set of SmartDraw and PDF templates to use to create your own analyses, plus an example of a completed diagram.

Improving upon the master

But Michalko’s tabular diagram wasn’t good enough for me. In my opinion, it had a number of shortcomings, which I describe in this report. I created my own version of it that works even harder, and will help you decide which parts of your challenge to focus upon first. That diagram is also available to Insiders in SmartDraw and PDF formats.

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